“Don Jitsu Ryu System is a way of life. While many martial arts schools limit the education of their students to kicking and punching, at Purple Dragon, students are also taught the principles of success and the discipline required to conquer life’s many challenges. Students of Don Jitsu Ryu are encouraged to learn from everyone (what to do or what not to do) and reminded that everyone plays a role in our education. We train to be and to think positively, we are expected to do our best and to be rich in health, thoughts, friendships, knowledge, skills, and action”










Dragon TOTS


Our Dragon Tots classes are fun, easy, and informative. We work on fine motor skills, balance, and flexibility while giving them the basics of martial arts. Children at this level of classes gain so much in social skills, making goals and sticking to them, and using their energy in healthy and productive ways.

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Dragon Kids

Purple Dragon’s Kids Program is more than just another after-school activity. Exciting, yet disciplined, classes hold a child’s attention, thus improving their ability to learn. These classes helps kids learn to share with peers and teach them to garner good relationships with others their age.

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At Purple Dragon, you will learn to focus your Qi and unlock this inner force. When you join, your Purple Dragon Teacher brings your total being – body and mind – together as one. Each exercise brings you closer to perfecting total concentration and total focus, so that you gain the ability to release this dynamic force.

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Cardio Kickboxing / self defense

Fitness Kickboxing provides a tremendous workout for women and men of all fitness levels. Whether you want to remain fit, get fit, or improve your competitive athletic performance, this is the right program for you. At Purple Dragon®, you will learn a combination of techniques from our certified and qualified instructors.

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