grandmaster professor don jacob

Soke, creator, and founder of the international system of martial arts known as Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu. He has studied martial arts for over four decades and presently holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in Don Jitsu Ryu.

Professor Don Jacob is one of the most sought-after martial arts professionals in the world today and having conducted extensive research on the topic (martial arts), he is considered to be one if its most knowledgeable historians.

Professor has taught and demonstrated with great success in countries such as England, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Africa, Nepal, India, China, and throughout the Caribbean, to name a few. He is considered by those who have seen and trained with him to be the most dynamic and complete martial artist that they have had the honor of witnessing and experiencing.

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“Don Jitsu Ryu is not just a style, but a lifestyle”

– GM Professor Don Jacob

Shihan liselle griffith

Shihan Liselle Griffith-Bissoon 6TH DAN BLACK BELT plays a pivotal role in Purple Dragon International continued expansion into the Southern states of the US, with the recent opening of Purple Dragon’s Texas branch.

Shihan brings a wealth of Martial Arts knowledge and experience passing on her thirty-five + years (35+) in the Don Jitsu Ryu system under the tutelage of Grand Master, Professor Don Jacob and a number of other capable Shihan’s and Sensei’s. Her Martial Arts journey started in the little island of Trinidad & Tobago in the city of San Fernando.

Shihan is well travelled throughout the US, in addition to touching a number of English, French and Spanish speaking islands, Antigua, Barbados, Venezuela, Tortola, Australia and China, all in service of Purple Dragon and her Martial Arts development.

Shihan Liselle has won a number of martial arts specific accolades participating in numerous Purple Dragon World Championships, Caribbean Grand Slam Championships, Evening of Oriental Arts, US & Australian Open and World NBL for katas, weapons, self defense, point and continuous sparring.

Former Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, the late Mr Patrick Manning also acknowledged the then Sensei Liselle’s contribution to the sporting space naming her the South Trinidad Sporting Personality of the year. Shihan was also inducted into the several international martial arts Hall of Fame.

Her passion for teaching and energetic disposition is displayed in her fun and exciting classes. When Shihan is not practicing her deadly art, she can be found caring for her husband, seven year old daughter and dog Peppa.

About our dojo

Here at Purple Dragon we will help you to develop this strength which is a driving force behind each of our programs. You learn to never give up. We call it a “NON-QUITTING SPIRIT” – the ability to accomplish what you thought was beyond your capabilities means believing in you. Your Purple Dragon Teacher will motivate you to accomplish whatever goals you set, whether in Karate, Tournaments, Don Jitsu, Self Defense, Karobics, and Kick-Fit-Boxing. Remember: “The competition is between You and Yourself.”


Purple Dragon is devoted to remaining among the top leaders in our industry by offering the best martial arts fitness system and services to our members. We pride ourselves in building a reputation of integrity in every community we serve around the world.


Purple Dragon Instructors encourage our students to embrace a holistic lifestyle of wellness, and encourage positive and proper use of the Don Jitsu Ryu. “Keep in mind, Don Jitsu Ryu is not just a style, but a lifestyle”. Purple Dragon is truly an international organization, shaped by its rich history, and is always improving for a brighter future.


Purple Dragon’s mantra, “Don Jitsu Ryu is not just a style, but a lifestyle,” is no cliché. Our certified instructors encourage students to live up to the ideals of Don Jitsu Ryu by embracing a holistic standard of living, promoting health and wellness, and the appropriate application of the system.

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